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Is Hiring a Coffee Service Right for your Business?


A coffee service is commonly touted as one of the best perks that you can offer your employees; and one of the best ways to add positively to the company experience for your customers and your clients. Why a coffee service? And precisely what IS a coffee service?

Coffee Services Come in Many Flavors

When working with a coffee service, run-of-the-mill flavors such as French Vanilla and Cinnamon Hazelnut coffee flavors are just the beginning. There are several different standard kinds of coffee services, and each coffee service provides different services and equipment to your office. Each of them also offers benefits, both in general and specifically for your office.

Full Office Coffee Service

Most coffee service companies provide a free coffee machine – or more than one machine, depending on the needs of your company, as part of their service contract. You pay nothing for the coffee machine as long as you purchase a minimum specified amount of coffee and other supplies from the coffee service company. The coffee machines supplied run the gamut from basic Bunn Coffee-matic pour-over coffee pots to elaborate high-end espresso machines that make multiple kinds of hot drinks, usually dispensing one cup at a time.

If you opt for a full coffee service contract, the supplier will generally set up an automatic delivery schedule of coffee, teas and other beverages, commonly referred to as consumables. Some may also include such supplies as water filters for your coffee machine, bottled water, automatic coffee machine cleaner, coffee filters, disposable coffee cups and napkins. Most likely, you will be assigned to an account manager who will be available to discuss your coffee service needs if you find that you are ordering too much or too little coffee.

When you use a coffee service to provide coffee for your office and customers, you reap some very tangible benefits, and a few intangible ones. Here are just a few of them.

1. Your coffee expenses are far easier to track when you use a coffee service

If you are providing coffee to your employees and customers for free, it is a legitimate business expense. When you use a coffee service, you only have one expense stream to track, the bills from the coffee service. Compare that to tracking the receipts from the food service, from the supermarket, the replacement coffee machine when the old one failed, the box of tea. It will save your bookkeeper a lot of aggravation and time, and probably save you some money on your taxes.

2. You don’t have to worry about running out of coffee or coffee supplies when you use a coffee service

When you sign up with a coffee service, you could set up automatic regular deliveries of coffee and supplies. No one has to think about ordering coffee, and you should never run out of coffee again. That means no sending out your secretary to pick up filters at the last minute so you can serve coffee to an important client, or rooting around in the break room cabinets to find a leftover coffee pod.

3. It costs you nothing for coffee machine maintenance

Since you do not own the coffee machine, you do not have to worry about maintenance. In many cases, the coffee service supplier will attend to routine maintenance chores, or at least remind you when it is time to do them. More to the point, if the machine just quits working, the coffee service provider will generally replace or repair it almost immediately. The same holds true if the coffee carafe gets knocked off the counter, no more hunting around for hours, or buying a new coffee maker because the carafe broke.

4. You have a wide choice of coffee machine options with a coffee service

Most office coffee services feature a full range of coffee makers and coffee machine options. The most popular are single-serve coffee makers that allow each of your employees or customers to make their favorite kind of coffee, tea or even hot chocolate. They can supply machines for any size office or retail operation.

Even if your company decides that it can’t foot the entire bill for your employees’ coffee habit, there are coffee services that can provide you with vending machines, but not the “old school” vending machines that dispense watery brew. The new coffee vending machines dispense gourmet coffee in different flavors, as well as hot chocolate and hot water for tea. Using a vending machine in conjunction with a coffee company allows you to offset the cost of providing coffee for your office by collecting a small fee for the coffee sold.

If the thought of using a coffee service sounds intriguing, coffee services can be found in just about every city as well as online. Contact a sales agent or account representative from a local coffee service to find out more about the benefits of using a coffee service for your office or business.

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